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San Juan Animal Hospital Services

Vaccines/Preventative Care

Sometimes, less is more. Vaccines are important, but nothing replaces the keen eye of a trained veterinarian. That's why we place the emphasis on regular exams and preventative care to keep your pets feeling their best.

Nutritional Counseling

Purina Veterinary Diets is committed to the health of your pet. Each scientifically formulated and tested diet represents the collaboration of Purina nutritionists, food and flavor scientists and veterinarians – all looking at nutrition and beyond to understand every aspect of pet health and care.

Laser Therapy


From routine spays & neuters to complex orthopedic or exploratory surgical procedures, San Juan Animal Hospital is the right choice for your pet.

Urgent & Critical Care

Our dedicated and highly trained technicians ensure that your pet receives the best of care while in our hospital.


San Juan Animal Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy so you leave your appointment with exactly what your pet needs!

Dental Care

Oral Health is far more important than many people realize. Dental disease can lead to systemic infections that affect your pet's internal organs, not to mention the pain pets suffer from bad oral health. San Juan Animal Hospital offers complete dental care for your pets, from scaling/polishing, dental radiographs and extractions to a variety of products to help keep your pet's teeth pearly white. 


San Juan Animal Hospital stocks the brands you trust.


Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging

With our in-house laboratory, ultrasonography unit, and digital radiology, San Juan Animal Hospital can perform the majority of your pet's diagnostics on site!


Let us care for your pet while you're out of town!