Stem Cell Therapy Keeping Your Pet on the Path to Wellness.

Jacksonville Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

A State-of-the-Art Treatment Option for Your Furry Friend

At San Juan Animal Hospital, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. We take great care in administering the complex and advanced procedures we offer, including stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is a treatment option that can be used for a variety of conditions, from arthritis to cancer. You can rest assured that your pet is in good hands when you choose our Jacksonville stem cell therapy team.

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What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

A stem cell is a type of cell that starts without a certain “identity” but can grow into any type of cell, such as a blood cell or a muscle cell. Stem cell therapy is a form of treatment for illness and injury that can be used in humans and pets.

The process involves taking stem cells from the patient – usually from the pet’s fat tissue or blood plasma – and injecting them into the affected area. Stem cells have been used to help repair muscle, joint, and ligament injuries. Certain cancers have also been treated with stem cell therapy.

What to Expect from the Process

Research on stem cell therapy is ongoing. As processes and techniques improve, our team stays on the cutting edge of these developments.

At San Juan Animal Hospital, we ensure that patients are calm and treated with exceptional care from start to finish. Our Jacksonville stem cell therapy professionals take the time to review every patient’s condition and determine if stem cell therapy is a worthwhile investment for you.

First, we collect stem cells from your pet, usually under anesthesia. From there, we transfer the cells to a laboratory to prepare for injection. Injecting the stem cells is a fairly straightforward process that may or may not require anesthesia. We perform most stem cell treatments on an out-patient basis.

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