Meet Our Team Leaders

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

Sara's veterinary career began in 1990 while in college, studying to get into vet school.

The more she learned as a veterinary technician, the more she realized that it was the relationships with patients and their owners she loved, more so than the science.


Changing her focus to business, HR, & hospitality, Sara chose management over medicine, though she still likes to spend as much time with patients as possible.


Sara joined the San Juan Animal Hospital team in 2013, and passed the rigorous exam to become a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in 2017. Combining her decades of veterinary technical experience, leadership training, and passion for excellent service, Sara leads the San Juan team to continue exceeding your expectations!


At home, Sara enjoys traveling, cooking, writing fiction, & spending time with her family & their 5 cats.

When we met Kirsten, she had been working retail and/or hospitality for years. An avid animal lover, Kirsten was delighted to join our team in 2016, bringing her customer service expertise to our front desk.


An opportunity to lead San Juan's CSR team arose in 2018, and Kirsten's compassion, consistently outstanding performance, and awesome personality made her the perfect choice for the promotion.


Our clients will agree that Kirsten has helped elevate our standards of efficiency & service... AND she knows most of them by name!

At home, Kirsten enjoys video games, cosplay, and spending time with her family, their 2 cats and 2 snakes while pursuing her special interest in Forestry and Wildlife Conservation.

Julie grew up, knowing that helping animals was in her blood. She spent years in mortgage financing but felt a nagging sense of emptiness.

She explored the veterinary field, gaining some experience at other animal hospitals but still wasn't satisfied. Once she joined the San Juan team, her spark ignited into a flame. She gained the skills and knowledge to truly fulfill her calling.

Now, she trains and manages San Juan Animal Hospital's Veterinary Technicians to help our patients and clients live their best lives.

At home, Julie enjoys all things animal related, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her adorable daughter and their two dogs.